Round Table discussion section

RT01: Open meeting of the standing committee on ornithological nomenclature. Convenors: Bock, W.J. & Schodde, R. 3165
RT02: Ecology and conservation biology of African parrots. Convenors: Perrin, M.R. & Massa, R. 3166-3167
RT03: Rehabilitation of oiled seabirds. Convenors: Wernham, C.V. & Williams, A.J. 3168-3170
RT04: Establishment and development of bird reserves in developing countries. Convenors: Zheng, G. & Sun, Y.-H. 3171-3172
RT05: Meeting of the standing committees on vernacular names of birds. Convenors: Bock, W. J. & Violani,  C. 3173
RT06: Bird re-introductions, pre-release preparations, releases and post-release monitoring: Improving the rigour of re-introduction project assessment, planning and execution.  Convenors: Seddon,P.J. & Cade, T.J 3174-3176
RT07: An inventory of ornithological research in Africa. Convenors: Lens, L. Underhill, L. Goodman, S. &  Louette, M. 3177
RT08: Standing committee on applied ornithology: Roles and operations. Convenors: Blokpoel, H. & Lang, J.T. 3178
RT10: Variation of the rate of postembryonic development. Convenors: Konarzewski, M. & Starck, J.M. 3179-3181
RT11: Weighing and observing birds: Automatic data recording and processing. Convenors: Pásztor,L., Perrins, C.M. &  Tóth, Z. 3182-3184
RT12: Bird remains identification system on CD-ROM: Further developments. Convenors: Prast, W. & Shamoun, J.


RT13: Bird song and systematics. Convenors: Prum, R.O. & Vielliard, J.M.E.


RT14: Birds and agricultural change: Past, present and future research for conservation and management. Convenors: Siriwardena, G.M. & Schifferli, L. 3187-3189
RT15: Present and future of scientific bird ringing. Convenors: Spina, F. & Tautin, J.


RT16: Radiotelemetry on territorial birds in remote areas. Convenors: Sun, Y.-H. & Dowell, S.D.


RT17: Establishment of an IOC standing committee on raptors. Convenors: Bird, D.M. & Meyburg, B.-U.


RT18: Large-scale atlas and census studies in conservation science. Convenors: Gregory, R.D. Harrison, J.A., Griffioen, P. &  Hagemeijer, W.E.J.


RT19: Death by drowning: A global review of bird bycatch by longline fisheries. Convenors: Cooper, J. & Wanless, R. 3195-3197
RT20: Changing scenario in the bird pest management on Indian landscape. Convenors: Rao, P.S. & Parasharya, B.M. 3198
RT21: Female ornaments: Sexually selected or genetically correlated? Convenors: Amundsen, T. & Irwin, R. 3199
RT22: Evolutionary and behavioural ecology in the real world of dust and flies. Convenors: Barnard, P.,  Simmons, R.E. & Ulfstrand, S.


RT23: Conservation of globally threatened species. Convenor: Bibby, C.J.


RT24: Toward a better understanding of the role of the hindgut in water and sodium balance in birds. Convenors: Braun, E.J. & Hughes, M.R.


RT25: On a scientific approach to the sustainable use of birds. Convenors: Feare, C.J. & Haynes-Sutton, A.M.


RT26: Energetic consequences of human disturbances. Convenors: Hüppop, O. & Gabrielsen, G.W.


RT27: Ornithology education. Convenors: Iversen, E.H. & Barlow, J.C.


RT28: Evolution within Zosteropidae (white-eyes) and conservation of island populations. Convenors: Kikkawa, J. & Nuttall, R.J.


RT29: ‘Airport ornithology’: Studies aimed at reducing bird strike problems. Convenors: Blokpoel, H. &  Buurma, L.


RT30: Quelea: (1) Integrated pest management versus lethal control: How should management strategies be improved? (2) Are migration patterns changing towards greater sedentariness? Convenors: Elliott, C. & Craig, A.


RT32: What were the Enantiornithes? Convenors: Kurochkin, E.N. & Walker, C.A.


RT33: Birds, contaminants, and the legacy of the cold war.  Convenors: Burger, J., Furness, R. & Brisbin Jr., I.L.


RT34: Zoonoses: Diseases of humans spread by birds:  Are they on the increase? Convenors: Cooper, J.E. & Pinowski, J.


RT35: Environmental endocrinology. Convenors: Wingfield, J.C. & Silverin, B.


RT36: Hummingbird research perspectives. Convenors: Zuechner, T.,  Schuchmann, K.-L. & Russell, S.M.


RT37: Recent advances in the biology of swifts. Collins, C.T. & Tarburton, M.K.