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The contents of the CD may be viewed using Microsoft Explorer version 4/5 or Netscape Navigator version 4.5. There may be some minor formatting inconsistencies when viewed under Netscape Navigator version 4.5. We recommend you set the font default to Arial for easy reading. We recommend that you set your default background to white to enable clear viewing of figures and tables. In Microsoft Explorer 4 this is done by selecting the View menu (Tools menu in Internet Explorer 5), and then under this selecting Options, and then selecting the Colors button, and then selecting Backgound, and choosing white. To change the font, select the Font button on the same Options page, and choose Arial under Proportional font.

The full papers and abstracts of the proceedings are located in files on this CD. The files are arranged within different categories (for example, Plenary, Symposia, Posters).

View files either by navigating to different files using the links or by using the search engine located on the Homepage.

To navigate linked files:

Links are highlighted in blue.

  1. Click on the highlighted word/category to take you to the link of your choice.
  2. To return to the original link, push the ‘Back’ arrow on the web browser toolbar or alternatively push Alt and the back arrow ( ) on your keyboard.
  3. Most papers have figures and tables. These are linked to the main text where references are made to them in the body of the text. Click on the link (underlined and blue highlight) in the text to take you to the relevant figure or table.
  4. You can navigate between all links using the ‘Back’ and ‘Forward’ toolbar arrows in your web browser or Alt plus back arrow or forward arrow.

Using the search engine

The grey ‘Search Open’ button is found on the Homepage.

  1. Click on this button. A window will open. Type in the keyword/s and/or authors that you wish to look for in the space provided.
  2. Click on the ‘Search’ button.
  3. A hit list of all the corresponding papers or reports that contain the keywords or authors will appear in the opened window.
  4. To view a particular paper or report on the hit list, click on the title of a paper and when highlighted, click the ‘Go’ button or double click on the document name.
  5. To search for particular keyword(s) within the selected document, click on Edit on the toolbar at the top of the page and select  ‘Find’ (or push ‘Ctrl F’). This will bring up the ‘Find’ facility within the web browser page. Type the keyword you wish to find and click on ‘Find next’ or push Enter.


Copyright for the material in the CD-ROM resides with BirdLife South Africa.

Copyright for the material in the CD-ROM resides with BirdLife South Africa. The CD-ROM as a whole may not be reproduced without the permission of the publishers. In order to facilitate access to material within the CD-ROM potential readers may copy (electronically or hard-copy) papers and symposia without permission from the publishers. Authors may redistribute, reprint and reproduce electronically or in hard-copy their reports and individual papers, or the entire symposium in which the paper appeared, without restriction. In cases of reprinting or reproduction in another publication: figures, tables, and other material can be reproduced without permission as long as the proceedings are acknowledged as the primary source.


The CD is a medium designed for viewing on your computer screen. However, printing is an option.

Figures and tables are linked to the text as images and are best when printed at 600dpi. This setting can be changed under print properties. Where possible we have two figures/tables per page and large tables are split into page-size sections. Certain figures and tables will need to be printed in a landscape form.

Files may be printed directly from your web browser programme or from your word processing programme, e.g. Microsoft Word or Corel Wordperfect.

To print directly from your web browser:

  1. Select and open the document you wish to print.
  2. Within the document, highlight the text and references.
  3. Go to File, Print, and choose ‘Selection’ option from ‘Print range’
  4. Print.
  5. For printing tables and figures, make an appropriate selection to fit on a page and print the page individually.

To print a file using your word processing programme:

To facilitate printing of documents from your word processing programme, document files are provided as rich text format files (.rtf) found under the folder 'print option'.

  1. Open your word processing programme
  2. Select the CD directory, locate the appropriate folder (print option) and open the desired .rtf file in your word processing programme.
  3. Check that figures and tables fit on a page, or insert page breaks appropriately.
  4. Go to File, Print.

Please note: When printing, pagination may vary from that specified in the citation depending on selections set by the user (for example, margins, paper size, line spacing etc.).  Page references in the citation were set when printing from our web browser using double spacing.


Files to be reprinted can be sent by e-mail (or on disc) to a recipient as an attachment. We have included self-extracting zip files (.exe) in the folder 'Reprints' on the CD for this purpose.These zip files contain all the necessary files for a particular symposium or plenary paper.

  1. Locate the (.exe) files in a folder called ‘Reprints’.
  2. Open this folder and find the relevant file that you wish to reprint.
  3. Send the relevant (.exe) file as an attachment to an e-mail message.
  4. The attachment should be saved by the recipient in a new folder.
  5. The files can be extracted by double clicking on the .exe file.

For printing reprints follow the same instructions as for printing.

Alternatively .rtf files, together with their associated .gif or .jpg files, can be sent by e-mail as attachments, or on disc.



Copies of this CD ROM may be ordered from the Natural History Book Service for  47 sterling if ordered before August, 1999, and 97 sterling thereafter.

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