At the 22nd International Ornithological Congress held in Durban, South Africa, 16–23 August 1998, the International Ornithological Committee voted to accept the invitation from the Chinese ornithologists to host the 23rd International Ornithological Congress in Beijing, China, on 11–17 August 2002.

Information can be obtained via e-mail, via the Internet at, or via the home page of the 22nd Congress at It will be possible to register and to submit abstracts via the Internet. The following are contact addresses of people responsible for the 23rd Congress in Beijing. Professor Xu Weishu, Secretary-General of the 23rd Congress, Beijing Natural History Museum, 1-1-302, Beijing Science and Technology Commission Apt., Balizhuang, Haidian District, Beijing 100037, CHINA. Phone & Fax: +86-10-6846-5605; e-mail The Honorable Liu Feng, Assistant Secretary-General of the 23rd Congress, China International Conference Center for Science and Technology, Xueyuan Nan Road, Beijing 100081, CHINA. Phone: +86-10-6217-4952; Fax: +86-10-6218-0142; e-mail Requests to be included on the mailing list for brochures and for information on the 23rd Congress should be sent to the Secretary-General or the Assistant Secretary-General of the 23rd Congress.

Dr Fernando Spina, Chair, Scientific Program Committee, 23rd Congress, Istituto Nazionale per la Fauna Selvatica, Via Ca’ Fornacetta 9, I-40064 Ozzano Emilia (BO), ITALY. Phone: +39-51-65-12-111; Fax: +39-51-79-66-28; e-mail All inquiries about the scientific program of the 23rd Congress, as well as comments and suggestions for the general programme, plenary lectures and symposia, should be sent to him.

Dr Walter J. Bock, President of the 23rd Congress, Department of Biological Sciences, Columbia University, 1200 Amsterdam Avenue, Mail Box 5521, New York, NY 10027-7004, USA. Phone: +1-212-854-4487; Fax: +1-212-865-8246; e-mail General questions and comments should be sent to him.

Dr Dominique G. Homberger, Secretary of the International Ornithological Committee, Department of Biological Sciences, 508 Life Sciences Building, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA 70803-1715, USA. Phone: +1-504-388-1747; Fax: +1-504-388-2597; e-mail Inquiries about the International Ornithological Committee should be sent to her.

Information about the IOC can also be obtained from our new home page at which is currently under construction.