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Meet Our Expert Plenary Speakers


Dr. Hazell Shokellu Thompson

Hazell Shokellu Thompson is a Sierra Leonean Environmental Consultant and Conservation Biologist with more than 30 years’ experience in NGO capacity development, teaching and research in ecology, ornithology and conservation. As a lecturer in Zoology at the University of Sierra Leone, he designed and introduced the first conservation biology course into the curriculum of any University in Sierra Leone; and conducted the first comprehensive study of the rare White-necked Picathartes (Picathartes gymnocephalus) in West Africa, a species he has spent a lifetime trying to conserve. He served as Regional Director of BirdLife International’s Africa Programme based in Nairobi, Kenya for 10 years, leading and supporting a conservation programme spanning 23 countries. Formerly, Global Director, Partnership, Capacity and Communities, BirdLife International, he was responsible for capacity development and coordination in a unique partnership of 117 NGOs across the world and served as interim CEO from 2014 - 2015. Currently, Visiting Lecturer in Conservation Biology at the A.P. Leventis Ornithological Research Institute, University of Jos, he is also Chairman of the Better Earth Foundation that promotes environmental awareness and conservation action at a local level and a lifelong member and supporter of the Conservation Society of Sierra Leone.



Prof. Irene Tieleman

Irene Tieleman is a professor in animal ecology at the University of Groningen. Since her studies (at Groningen, Ohio State University, University of Missouri-St. Louis, Max Planck Institute and many field work institutions), Irene Tieleman has investigated the match between bird and environment, mixing her interests in ecology and geography. She first studied physiology, behaviour and life history in birds from tropical, temperate and desert environments in Africa, America, Europe and the Middle East. Then, realizing the potentially fundamental role that microbes have in shaping bird traits, she initiated pioneering studies of host-microbiome associations and microbiome-mediated functions of bird traits. One of her focal areas in recent years includes annual cycles of adaptive traits of birds in relation to seasonality and predictability of the environment. She is particularly fascinated by rain-driven African systems. She initiated a long-term collaborative research program on grassland birds in Kenya (starting 2008), and has become involved in related research in western and southern Africa as well. Capacity building with local students is one of the inspirational forces that drive her research in Africa. For her work, she was awarded multiple prizes and personal grants, as well as having been elected member to scientific societies.


Virtual Congress Benefits 

  • Virtual participation of all plenary and concurrent session presented via the virtual platform
  • Access to the virtual platform and access to the post congress recordings of the full congress programme.
  • Access to and participation to all poster presentations via the virtual platform during the congress
  • Access to the virtual exhibition and one on one meetings with exhibitors via virtual platform
  • Access to virtual networking engagement and meetings with participants via the virtual platform
  • Virtual assistance online support through the duration of the congress
  •  Downloadable pdf version of the full congress programme.
  • Access to the IOC Proceedings will be available in electronic format on the IOU website
  • Attendance Certificate

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