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I've just received this, please, spread the voice. Thank you. Cheers, JUAN

Dear friends and colleagues,

As the government of Ecuador discusses an Executive Decree to expand the frontiers of oil extraction into the Ishpingo camp, a protected area of the Yasuní National Park, we believe it is important that the scientific and academic communities express their views on the irreversible destruction that is at stake. We have drafted an open letter to president Moreno that follows the footsteps of the 2004 statement in which the scientist community expressed its concern over an oil road into the Yasuní Reserve.

We invite members of the scientific and academic communities who defend the Yasuní to sign this letter- please add your name, title and institutional affiliation at the bottom of the letter by next Thursday Nov. 29 (or send an email titled “Yasuni” with your name/title/affiliation to mpicq@amherst.edu):


Feel free to share this letter among your networks to gather support. We hope to present this letter next week as Ecuadorian Congress discusses the protection of Yasuní.

All best,

Manuela Picq & Gonzalo Rivas-Torres