Working Group on Asian Ornithology

The Working Group on Asian Ornithology (WGAO) of the International Ornithologists' Union (IOU) was conceptualized during the 26th International Ornithological Congress in Japan. At the initial stage, the activities and functions of WGAO includes promoting research cooperation, data sharing, conservation management, research fund raising, future conferences, a newsletter, and knowledge promotion and sharing. Members of the Working Group come from Northeast Asia, East Asia, Southeast Asia, South Asia, and West Asia.

WGAO aims at strengthening the networking and collaboration of Asian ornithologists. Additional Asian ornithologists are welcome to join WGAO activities. New Working Group members will be recommended and elected by the Committee.

The Missions of WGAO: 

1) To promote scientific research and cooperation among Asian partners and to collaborate with members in other regions,

2) To establish research needs and conservation strategies for the Asian region,

3) To identify barriers in effective research and conservation of threatened birds in Asia, and explore possible solutions,

4) Through the activities of WGAO, to attract more Asian ornithologists to join the IOU, especially from the developing and less developed countries.

Organization and Operation of the WGAO: 

WGAO has a Chair, a Vice-chair, and several regional coordinators as committee members to represent the Asian regions and to lead its activities. A home page portal will be set up in the IOU website to facilitate communication among WGAO members, including discussions on special topics, information sharing, and coordination of joint projects.

Besides frequent communication, WGAO will hold regular (every two years) or irregular workshops among the member countries. The WGAO will submit a report of its activities to the IOU President and Executive Committee every four years.

Current Committee Members 

Chair: Prof. Fumin Lei (IOU Fellow, IOU Vice President 2014-2018), Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, Email:

Vice-Chair: Prof. Frank Rheindt, National University of Singapore, Singapore, Email:

East Asia : Prof. Keisuke Ueda (IOU Fellow), Rikkyo University, Tokyo, Email:

Southeast Asia : Prof. Mohamed Zakaria Hussin, (IOU Fellow), Universiti Putra Malaysia. Email:

South Asia: Prof. Dinesh Bhatt (IOU Fellow), GurukulaKangri University, Haridwar, Uttarakhand, Email:

North Asia : Prof. Alexander Shestopalov, Senior Researcher, Novosibirsk State University; Actual director FSBSI "Research Institute of Experimental and Clinical Medicine" E-mail:

West Asia . Dr. Gavrilov Andrey, Institute of Zoology, Kazakhstan, E-mail:

New committee members will be recommended and elected by the Committee.

Secretary office:

Asso. Prof. Gang Song (IOU member), Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, Email: