Walter J. Bock Travel Fellowship

Available for Qualified Ornithologists

Limited funds are available to established ornithologists (i.e., beyond the stage of post-doc or 5 years after the PhD). Applicants from low-income countries and applicants without an academic position are encouraged to apply.


  • Provide detailed application materials as outlined below no later than June 10th 2022 (via mail to: jtheuer[@] &
  • Must be a member of the International Ornithologists’ Union – see  to join.
  • Fellowship recipients must be registered to attend an IOCongress®, preferably with a submitted abstract.
  • Multiple requests from the same individual for the same conference will not be considered.
  • Please submit the following information in one succinct email (e.g., all materials sent in the same email – including your letters of recommendation). Make the subject line of your email read “Application to Walter J. Bock Travel Fellowship.”.
    • Full name, mailing address, phone/email, country of current residency and educational degree obtained.
    • Full CV (resume) which includes a detailed list of published works and other contributions to ornithology.
    • A self-written letter stating the current research within the field of ornithology and a brief description of the professional benefit anticipated from attending an IOCongress® by receiving the Walter J. Bock Travel Fellowship.
    • Proof of registration to attend an IOCongress® and membership in the IOU (registration & membership receipts are all that is needed). Verification of your abstract acceptance is also desired.
  • Selection and Announcement Process: A selection committee will review applications. The selection committee will contact the successful applicant.