IOU Authorized Publications

Works produced under the authority of the International Ornithologists’ Union

  1. Published in 2006, Frank Gill and co-workers’ Birds of the World Recommended English Names is the Union’s first global list of English names for the birds of the world. Although its taxonomy and scientific names have been overtaken by other world checklists, its English names still stand as a basic source of reference.
  2. The IOU’s Working Groups publish occasional papers on their work. Those of the Working Group on Avian Nomenclature over the last decade - and their approval by the International Commission on Zoological Nomenclature to conserve familiar scientific bird names world-wide – are listed on that Working Group’s web page: Working Group on Avian Nomenclature. 
  3. A major contribution to come out of the Working Group on Avian Nomenclature is Walter Bock’s History and Nomenclature of Avian Family-Group Names. It was published in the Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History, no. 222, in 1994. It is a critical source of reference for all family-group names of birds, from subtribe to superfamily, gives their authors and dates of publication, and is accessible under the title “History and Nomenclature of Avian Family-group Names” on the Biodiversity Heritage Library website (